Our Services

Custom synthesis:Custom synthesis is used for the production of organic drug compounds / key intermediates to the specification of the clients.

Contracts/custom research and manufacturing services (CRAMS):

Manufacturing lab-scale at our R&D Hub and pre-clinical and clinical scale supplies at our approved partner sites.

Scaling chemical development to a technologically efficient and cost-effective manner through the intelligent use of process optimization.

Development and process validation for Generic Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients & Intermediates.

Broad range of technical skills and capabilities encompassing all routine chemistries.

Technology transfer from Lab scale to pilot and Commercial plants.

Preparation of open part of the "Drug Master File" (DMF).

Analytical Method Validations (AMV):

Analytical method validation as per the standard guidelines.

Research and Development Facility (R&D):

Ten well trained bench chemists are working along with highly experienced senior scientists in the API and custom synthesis. The lab has the reaction capacity from 1 gm scale to 1.0 kg based on the customer requirement.